Quality Child Care For Children of Sendera Ranch, TX


Ready for Kindergarten: Sendera Christian Academy's Pre-K Program

Building Strong Readers

Using our curriculum based on the Abeka Book curriculum, students in Pre-Kindergarten classes at Sendera Christian Academy learn to use their skills in phonics to blend letters together and read. Taught by degreed teachers, a strong foundation in reading is the focus this final year before entering Kindergarten. Students will begin with a review of the short vowels, and then move to reading three-letter words. As the year progresses, students will begin to learn the rules for recognizing and reading words with long-vowels, and by the end of the year, will be able to read sentences and stories with one- and two- vowel words.

Holistic Learning for Pre-Kindergarten

While the focus is on reading, these students will also have daily assignments to expand their knowledge of number values and concepts and will begin to learn simple addition. They will also have bible lessons and lessons in social studies and science. During this time, the students will learn about the world we live in, our place in this world and how we can help to care for ourselves, others and our world.

At the end of the Pre-Kindergarten year, these students are fully prepared to take the next step in their education and enter Kindergarten. They will take this monumental step into the school-age years with a solid academic foundation firmly in place and a love of learning to last them a lifetime.